These docs are a work-in-progress and are currently undergoing a major rewrite!
Forge Pro

Impersonating users

A key feature for providing customer support is to be able to view the site through their account. With impersonate installed, you can impersonate a user by finding them in the Django admin and clicking the "Impersonate" button.

Then with the staff toolbar enabled, you'll get a notice of the impersonation and a button to exit:


To impersonate users, you need the app, middleware, and URLs:


urlpatterns = [
    # ...
    path("impersonate/", include("forgeimpersonate.urls")),


By default, all staff users can impersonate other users.

IMPERSONATE_ALLOWED = lambda user: user.is_superuser or user.is_staff

Note: Regardless of who is allowed to be an impersonator, nobody can impersonate a superuser!