Deploy a Django project to Heroku with minimal configuration.

This package is specifically designed to work with the Forge Heroku Buildpack.

$ forge heroku
Usage: forge heroku [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  Commands for deploying and managing Heroku apps

  --help  Show this message and exit.

  create          Create a new Heroku app with Postgres...
  pre-deploy      Pre-deploy checks for release process
  serve           Run a production server using gunicorn
  set-buildpacks  Automatically determine and set buildpacks
  shell           Open a remote Django shell

Default Procfile

When you use the Forge buildpack, Heroku will automatically set up a Procfile for you. Here's what it does:

web: forge heroku serve
release: forge heroku pre-deploy

If you need to customize your Procfile, simply add one to your repo!

Deploy checks

In the Heroku "release" phase we run check --deploy --fail-level WARNING as part of forge heroku pre-deploy.

This runs a number of Django system checks (many related to the settings above) and will prevent deploying your app if any checks fail. You can also create your own checks that will run during this process.


The forge heroku pre-deploy will also run migrate to ensure that your database is up to date.