A opinionated way to build with Django.

curl -sSL | python3 - my-project
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What is Forge?

Forge is over 10 years of Django experience, bundled into an opinionated set of packages. The goal is to make a great framework even greater, with professional tools and a modern developer experience.

Forge Quickstart

Start a new project and deploy it to production in the same day. Heroku for deployment, GitHub Actions for CI, Tailwind for CSS, and Poetry for Python dependencies.

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Forge Packages

Existing Django projects can use individual Forge packages just like any other third-party Django apps.

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Forge Pro

Whether it's a revenue-generating SaaS, or an internal business app, with real users comes real responsibility. Forge Pro includes our best practices and preferred solutions for error monitoring, payment processing, staff-tools, and more.

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