Forge Pro

Tools to support real users, and a community to support you.

Query stats

Realtime query insights for staff, both in production and development.

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Request log

View and replay HTTP requests and responses during development.

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Debug users and customer issues by viewing the site on their behalf.

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Fix bugs and catch production errors without relying on users to report them.

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Implement Stripe checkout, billing portals, and webhooks with simplified view classes and model structures.

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Google Analytics 4

Integrate Google Analytics with an environment variable and template tag. Send client-side and server-side events.

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Pay once, use forever

One year of free updates included. Renewal optional.

Ask questions, expect answers

It's early, but Forge Pro aims to be a community of people who really care about building sustainable apps on Django. Because Forge focuses on a specific set of tools, the support you'll get in Forge Pro will be incredibly relevant.

Private repo access

The forgepackages/forge-pro repo is private, and your subscription gets you an invite. With that is an expectation that you are a paying customer and should be treated like one. When you have questions, we'll do our best to provide or steer you towards trusted answers.

GitHub Issues

Because it's private, we keep our issues list manageable and relevant. If you think you found a problem, you'll be able to see if others have already reported it. If not, you can create a new issue without worrying if it will get a response.

GitHub Discussions

For more open-ended questions and suggestions, we use GitHub Discussions. As a private community, you have direct influence over the product direction and can share tips and best practices for questions you bump into. If we get consensus on solutions, we have the ability to package those up and release them to everyone.



For the lone ranger. Unlimited projects.

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Small teams, big teams, anything where more than one person works on the code.


Is there a free trial?

Unfortunately, because of the logistics of how this works, there is no free trial period. We do our best to give you an idea of what you're buying via public documentation and videos. If you buy it and truly decide you aren't going to use it, contact us about a refund.

Can I donate to the Django Software Foundation directly?

Sure! Just do that first, and send us some kind of receipt before you pay for Forge. We'll reduce your first (or next) payment by the donation amount, up to the 10% we would normally donate.

How is Forge Pro delivered?

You install the Forge Pro packages through We'll provide access tokens that you can use both in development and in production.

What happens if I cancel?

In short, you'll lose your access to the packages repo. But once you've paid for Forge Pro, you're welcome to keep the code as it was at the time you cancelled — you can do this by "vendoring" it into your project directly (docs coming soon).